Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Chambanacon over

Chambanacon is all over for the year, and it was a fine time.  I got to the con a bit late, because I started Friday at the ongoing Wayward Souls Thanksgiving Dinner (Holly, a longtime friend WINOLJ, hosts Thanksgiving for around 30 folks at her house every year).  Dinner with filkart and ithiriel Friday and Saturday, several games of Dominion, good filking, partied a bit with Barfleet, talked, hugged, it was good.  The con suite was awesome as always.  Enough people to have a decent filk circle, not so many that it was hard to get a chance for a song; the only down side is that we all seem to be getting old, we can't keep going all night like we used to.

Unfortunately, the post-con depression that I avoided after Windycon because MFF was just a couple of days away, and avoided after MFF because Thanksgiving and Chambanacon were just a couple of days away, seems to be hitting me right now.  Of course, right now I'm really tired; hopefully I'll feel a bit better after a good night's sleep.
Tags: cons, friends
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