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Phil Parker


Played Friday Night Magic for the first time in a month.  Signed up for M12 sealed, but nobody else did, so I played in Innistrad draft.  First pack had a Mayor of Avabruck in it, so I pulled it and figured I'd be playing green werewolves.  Because usually green doesn't seem to be heavily sought after in drafts.  Unfortunately, in this draft, not very much green was making it to me.  I only had 3 werewolves total.  I was also drafting white and black, got a few decent cards, nothing great.  I ended up with what I thought would be a weak deck.  Then I drew mediocre cards in my first match and got stomped flat by Noel DeJarnette.  Second match against Rob Joyce was a little more even.  Lost the first game because I couldn't draw any creatures.  Won the second game when he had mana problems (which I helped by hitting his only plains).  Third game I was losing when time ran out, and I was able to hang on for the turn limit.  Third match, against Mike Schwartz, first game I crushed him; the second game was a good match, both of us had some dangerous creatures and for several turns it could have gone either way, but in the end, I pulled it out, sacking a blocker to put Demonmail Hauberk on my Darkthicket Wolf that already had Cobbled Wings, to hit him for exactly his remaining 8.  But if he'd had an answer to that, he would have had me on his turn for sure.  So I was 1-1-1 overall, and once again squeaked by as the last person to actually win a prize pack.  I opened it, it had nothing.  My door prize was an FNM foil Teetering Peaks.  So, didn't come home with much, but I did OK, had fun.  (Except for the part with the painful digestive difficulty.)  Skipping the after draft event tonight because my friend Tyler is moving to South Carolina next week, so I'm going to take him to see EFRC tomorrow, so staying up until after 3 tonight is right out.
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