Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

FNM: fail

I played Friday Night Magic tonight.  I did very poorly, and I didn't manage to trade anything.  I didn't stay crazy late for the after draft event, because I volunteered to help RC move tomorrow, so I can't stay up that late.  I really didn't feel like I got much out of my evening today.

First match, against Jackson Garvey, he was playing red, blue, and green, some control, with Mayors.  I went 2-1.  Second match against Quinn, he had a golem deck.  I tock the first game and started to feel confident, and he came back and took the next two.  Hero of Bladehold is really a bomb.  Third game against Rodney with mono black infect, first game was kind of close but I lost, second game, he dropped a Phyrexian Vatmother.  I had a metamorph and a phantasmal image in my hand, and I agonized about whether I should copy the thing to block with, and decided not to.  Then he dropped a lashwrithe and hit me for 8 poison.  Splat.  Last game, against Ben with a blue and black Heartless Summoning deck, I almost got him the first game, but he held me off by copying my Steel Hellkites with Evil Twin, and then killed me with card advantage with Rune-Scarred Demon.  Second game, I mulliganed down to 5, then kept a 1 lander with a Ponder, and hadn't gotten a second land when I conceded on turn 6 or 7 when he had a rune-scarred demon and a phantasmal image copying it and I had a phantasmal bear.  I got a 3rd promo Ludevic's Test Subject as my door prize.

If I'm going to keep playing in Standard I will have to get a better deck.  I don't think there's much more I can do with the current concept; if I get really lucky I can beat almost anything with it -- but this is me, so that doesn't happen very often.
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