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FNM - Phil's Rambling Rants — LiveJournal
December 17th, 2011
02:56 am


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Played Magic at the Gopher tonight.  Innistrad draft.  I had a mediocre deck, lost the first round 2-1 to Mark H, smashed Derrin in the second round, and in the third round went 1-2 against James Manrique.  Got an FNM foil Contagion Clasp as my door prize.

I did a lot better in the after draft event.  My first couple of packs had decent red cards, and I picked up a couple of artifacts, and realized that I was well on my way to a mono red deck.  So I actually tried to get it, and in the end, I had enough that I didn't need to put in any other colors, and it was enough -- I didn't lose a game.  Got Fifth Dawn, Rise of the Eldrazi, and Chronicles packs as my prize.

A little trading.  Parted with a Land Tax; got an Extraplanar Lens for my cat toys EDH deck, 3 Kessig Wolf Runs, so I think I can make a werewolf deck (still short some cards, but I think I can get by), a Phantom Nishoba toward my cat collection, a couple of other random things.

Also got to see a really amusing new game: Tok Tok Woodman.  It's a dexterity game, and yet it is amusing enough that I am almost willing to buy it.  Players take turns swinging a plastic axe at a plastic tree trunk, trying to knock off the bark pieces without knocking over the trunk.  15 seconds to learn the rules, very silly.

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