Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker


The scheduled events tonight were Innistrad sealed and M12 draft.  Once again, sealed didn't go off, so I drafted.  Didn't draw any bombs.  Drafted a mediocre red and white deck that I splashed black for a Doom Blade.  It did have the Throne, Scepter, and Crown, and I actually got the trifecta into play once, and of course won that game.  2-1 overall, got two packs for my prize.  In the after draft event, I drafted what I thought was a really strong red and green deck -- no bombs, but plenty of creatures, and more removal than I actually ran.  I actually expected to do well, but in the second match I drew badly and lost.  Some trading -- I traded a Force of Will for a Doubling Season, a couple of Primeval Titans, and a couple of Sulfur Falls for my Invisible Stalker deck.  Which I played a casual match with the first draft of, and it played well.  I also bought a copy of Tok Tok Woodman.  Now I'm very tired, which is why I'm being terse.
Tags: gaming, magic
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