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I got to play Standard last night.  I did horribly.  I signed up for the after draft.  When it hadn't started by 11:15, I should have walked out, I was too tired to enjoy it, but I didn't.  I did OK in the event but by the last round I was not myself and not fit to be around.

I was playing my Invisible Stalker deck in Standard.  I've only played a few games with it, it still needs tuning.  But apparently it was sulking over sitting in the box so much the last couple of weeks, or I stepped on a grub sacred to Grblglorch, the god of luck, or something, because it drew really badly for me in 3 out of 4 matches.  Match 1, vs. Ryan, game 1, 1 land, 1 land, 1 land, kept the 4 card hand because it had some land, but I didn't draw a single creature until turn 12, which was plenty of time for Burning Vengeance.deck to take me down.  (My deck means to  kill you by turn 5 or 6, and it does if it comes out half-decently and you can't answer its threats.)  Game 2, I got to keep my 6 card hand, and I did have an Invisible Stalker, but I didn't draw anything to power it up, and Burning Vengeance had a slightly better round than last time, and took me down around turn 10.  I definitely think I should have won the match, but I was 0-2.  Match 2, against Jordan, game 1, I again failed to draw anything to make my Invisible Stalker better than 1/1, and was facing two Inferno Titans by about turn 7.  Game 2, I was getting started, and he dropped a Slagstorm, which kills everything in my deck, and he had a titan before I got another creature.  Slagstorm is something I have no answer for.  Match 3, vs. Amanda, I got the only half decent pulls of the whole event, and I was facing the worst deck in the event -- a haphazard collection of big green creatures, but without the mythics that make it scary.  I walked over her 2-0, I felt a little bit bad about it.  Game 4, vs. Andy, he was playing red vampires.  Game 1, I only drew 1 creature and it wasn't hexproof guy, and his vamps swelled up quickly.  Game 2, I threw back a two mountain hand, then a 1 mountain hand, kept 1 island at 5 and didn't draw a second land.  So, out of 8 games, I won 2, lost 1 to the other guy's deck, and lost 5 to my own.  Not very inspiring.

Even with two different events running, we were running well on schedule, door prizes handed out by a bit after 10.  (I got a promo Bloodcrazed Neonate as my promo.  I thought it was a rubber cookie, but Star City says $4.)  But everyone in the store wanted to mill around and be noisy and keep Dave busy selling stuff and generally do anything but start.  We didn't sit down to draft until 11:15, which is just too late to start.  We had two full pods.  Pack 1, Innistrad, I cracked Devil's Play and Daybreak Ranger.  Agonized for a bit, and kept Devil's Play because I own 0 of them, and I have enough Rangers.  Star City says Devil's Play is $1 and Daybreak Ranger is $2, so not a terrible mistake by price.  I ended up in black and red, a bit light on creatures but with some good removal.  I didn't end up with any other rares (don't recall what I passed in my other packs); got a Fireball from my M12 pack.  Won my first two matches, then came up against Mark Hoover who had a deck starring Constant Mists, Mind Games, an Ovinomancer, and some other annoying cards.  I was drawing horribly again, and I was very tired and frustrated; I bitched when I couldn't draw anything and my brain froze when I had choices.  Mark won and I was a jerk.  I don't think I played the cards I had in the deck too badly, but I wonder if I would have done better running a couple of the ones I left out, especially Invasion Plans and two Demonmail Hauberks.  (I wasn't running the Hauberks because I thought I was too light on creatures -- but it's so deadly if you do get it on a creature.)  I could have learned more about Magic if I'd been fully mentally functional.
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