Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

FNM: Hey, Sorin!

So, today was the day that I collected my preordered stuff for Dark Ascension, and also got to play in sealed.  I decided to go ahead and open my box (except for a few packs for afterdraft).  I did get a Sorin.  Other than that, it was sort of meh.

FNM was swarmed.  Somehow Dave found room to cram an extra table in, so there were 40 people playing, 20 for sealed and 20 for draft.  I was in sealed.  I didn't get any bombs, and I dithered about what colors to run.  But I decided to go with blue and white, since I had two Drogskol Captains, and I hoped 3 Burden of Guilt would be enough to keep me alive.  First match, against Matt S., first game, the captain came through, second game I got a horrible mana flood and hardly touched him, third game was epic, we were both down to 1 life.  Fateful Hour made his Village Survivors give everything vigilance; I could only hold him off with Faith's Shield for a couple of turns, and I was 1 short of enough flying damage to kill him.  Second game, against Korey, first game, I couldn't get anything good out in time (though I got him down to 2); second game I got both captains out and won handily, and 3rd game I was able to use Break of Day to hit him for enough to take him down.  Third match, against Harrison, first game he got me down to 2 life but I got both my captains and used Faith's Shield with fateful hour to hold off the damage and Break of Day to make my blockers tougher than expected, so I was able to hold off his horde of creatures and got him.  Then second game, I had a bunch of flyers and he didn't get his good stuff out.  He had a Sorin and an Elbrus in his deck, but never got them out.  The event only went 3 rounds, so that was it, 2-1 was enough for 1 prize pack and an FNM foil Despise as my door prize.  No after draft for me tonight, because the official release party event is tomorrow morning, and I can't stay up until 3 and be back at the store by 10:30.
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