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Phil Parker

Dark Ascension release

... report delayed, because my phone line was dead last night, due to rain.

Saturday morning was the official release party for Dark Ascension.  There were 29 players for the event (a few no shows, and not enough alternates to fill the field of 32.  It was draft, so we had two pods of 8, one of 7, one of 6.  I was in the pod of 6, and so were Tom, Rorik, and Damon.  I looked around the table and expected to be toast, so I intended to just draft for value.  First pack, I cracked a Drogskol Reaver.  Since it's a mythic, a bomb in limited, and worth a few bucks, I grabbed it.  Then I got passed an Increasing Savagery.  So far, the community hasn't recognized the value of this card, but I like it, I want a pile of them for casual play even if it never ends up in an event winning deck, so I took it.  Two cards and I'm already in 3 colors!  So I tried to draft green, blue, and white, and quickly noticed I wasn't getting anything... so I started drafting red too in desperation.  To try to make this insanity work, I grabbed several Dawntreader Elks and a couple of Evolving Wilds.  I ended up with almost nothing in blue or white, but a fair bit of green and some decent red stuff.  The only high value thing I pulled was a Grafdigger's Cage.  The deck seemed like it might be OK.

First match, I was up against Damon Heber.  Game 1, I got mana screwed.  Kept a two land hand and didn't draw another all game.  I wasn't as dead as that sounds, because I got several of my elks, but having to sac my creatures for land just to make up the missed land drops wasn't a recipe for success.  Second game, I drew a little better, but Damon had a really great draw, and I was crushed under a horde of zombies.

Second match, I got a beginner named Eric (one of the two people who'd taken almost the entire setup time drafting -- none of us had time to build our decks).  First game, I made some little creature huge with Increasing Savagery and stomped him.  Second game, I got off to a slow start, couldn't manage to keep more than one creature out, and he had a Niblis of the Urn that kept knocking it over, so that its buddies could crush me.  And he played s-l-o-w-l-y.  We started game 3 with about 5 minutes to go.  I was winning, but time ran out with him at 2 life and nothing left to block my Village Survivors.

Match 3, I got the other beginner, and I forgot to write his name down and totally can't remember it.  First game, I drew little land again, but my elks let me fake it, I got out Increasing Savagery on a little guy and stomped him.  Second game was an even more total stomp.  But the win only raised me to 1-1-1, and the magic of tiebreaks was not with me.  Door prize was an FNM foil Despise.

Almost everyone in the store vanished pretty fast after the event ended.  I hung around for a while trying to get a game, but the only people playing were playing competitive legacy decks, and I don't have one.  I had my werewolf deck on the operating table, trying to figure out what to adjust, but I didn't get to play it to see how it was doing.  I felt unloved and went home to have dinner.
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