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Back from Capricon.  Had a good time.  What limited how good a time I had was mostly me and not the con.

I went into the con tired and banged up from a fall on Thursday.  Getting to the con was uneventful, though there was a bit of winter so it took a bit longer than I expected.  Got to the room and discovered that I'd managed to leave behind a small box of medicine, which meant that I didn't have my nasal spray.  This made me cranky.  Missed most of tollers' Cafe set, because (a) I hadn't checked the schedule to know I needed to be there, and (b) the plan was to be there by then, but the plan didn't survive contact with the enemy.  Ended up going to dinner in the hotel restaurant with janmagic, Nick, their niece Suzanne, and birder2, because the weather was icky and we didn't want to take a long time.  The restaurant, Saranello's, is a pricey Italian place, but the pasta dishes were not that crushingly expensive.  The food was good.  The high point of the con was the Cheshire Moon concert.  I had a little trouble hearing the lyrics, but both lizziecrowe's voice and ericcoleman's instruments sounded beautiful.  Unfortunately, I went up to the room planning to get my guitar for open filk, and realized that I was already so tired that I couldn't enjoy anything, so I didn't go back down.  Worse, thanks to the aforementioned lack of nasal spray, I didn't sleep well.

Got up Saturday, ate food I'd brought, checked out the dealer's room, where I bought a couple of Magic things at sale prices and just one book, because as far as I saw none of the other paperbacks I'm waiting for were there, and I have so many books to read already that I'm trying to avoid buying much.  harperjen and sweetmusic_27 had cafe sets which were nice.  I skipped out on most of Dave Perry to see the art show, which turned out not to have much that I really lusted for.  We headed out for dinner, adding Cathy and Pat to the party.  We first stopped at Walgreen's and I nipped in and got a nasal spray, and then headed on down the road to Hackney's, our selected restaurant where we've eaten the last couple of years -- only to discover that it was closed.  So we wandered down Milwaukee Ave. until we found the first likely-looking restaurant, which turned out to be Golden Chef Chinese.  The food was plentiful and OK.  I had Kung Pao beef, which was was quite bland despite my having ordered it "very very spicy".  We got back in time for the last few songs in the Toyboat concert.  Despite being "unplugged" they were still loud enough I needed earplugs.  They were followed by Il Troubadore in Klingon garb, who gave us a very fine show.  The open filk took a while to get started, but we had a pretty good circle for a few hours.  I got very tired around 1, and just as I was starting to wake up at 2, decided that I needed to pack it in if I wanted to get to the Toast and Jam session in the morning.  Slept better than Friday night, but still not enough; got up 9:30-ish, which gave time to eat breakfast, pack, get everything other than my filk stuff into the car, and get to the cafe by 11, where Il Troubadore and sweetmusic_27 made the musical center of a really good jam up until 1:00, when there was supposed to be a reading.  The author never arrived to claim the stage, but the jam seemed to have run out of steam as people needed to leave.  We were hanging around, and I decided that it didn't look like like the music would come back and I was only going to get tireder, so it seemed sensible to leave, which we did after some time for hugs and saying goodbye.

The trip home was trouble free, but I was already feeling very very tired, so it's just as well I didn't try to linger.
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