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Magic weekend

So Friday night, I was planning on doing something else, but that rug got pulled out from under me -- something I might write about in a locked post.  So I went to FNM.  Skipped the after draft because I was going to the game day event Saturday.  My werewolf deck underperformed my expectation both times.  I did a few very minor trades, bought a couple of packs and got fairly lucky.  Busy enough that I haven't gotten to writing about it until now.  And I just noticed that my trade binder isn't in my satchel where it should be, so I sure hope that I left it at the Gopher and Dave is holding it for me -- pretty likely on both counts but not certain.

FNM Friday night, standard, my werewolf deck was getting its first test since I added black for removal to hope to answer the huge creatures the decks I was seeing were hitting me with.  I have notes from these games and I can't read my own writing, bleah.  Against Anthony Douglas, running a zombie deck featuring Geralf's Messenger, the werewolves won except for game 2 when I drew nothing at all.  Round 2 vs. Jackson Garvey, bad draw game 1, won the second 2.  Can't remember what he was playing.  Round 3, vs. Jake Roby, lost a close one, won a close one, got stomped.  He was playing zombies, featuring the messenger, mortarpod, some other tricks.  Round 4, against Chris Anderson, I got squished flat by a Hero of Bladehold.  2-2 overall, the tie breakers were with me and I won 1 pack.

For DKA game day, it was a similar story.  I'm looking at the notes I scribbled and seeing that I'm not writing enough to cover my bad memory.  3 of my matches went to time and were draws, one one of the others, lost the other.  Many games I felt like I was being beaten by my own deck, never drawing the right cards.
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