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Played Friday Night Magic last night and also the after draft event.  Did OK in both events.

I was playing Werewolves with black removal in standard.  I picked up a second Phyrexian Metamorph since my last outing and a couple of Nihil Spellbombs for the sideboard.  After talking with Korey Thursday night and thinking a bit, I went up to 23 lands, traded one of the Dawntreader Elks for a second Scorned Villager, traded one of the black removal spells for a Red Sun's Zenith, and traded one of the Young Wolves for a Reckless Waif.  Took out one of the Birds of Paradise and added a second Full Moon's Rise.  I still can't draw well from any deck, but I don't seem to have a lot of color problems with 3 colors.  Match 1 vs. Taylor Bley, he was playing the blue black zombies deck, game 1, I had a bad draw and got swarmed.  Game 2, got an early Mayor, used Phyrexian Metamorph to kill his Grimgrin, and rolled over him.  Game 3, he got a call to the grave out, but I managed to get a Mayor transformed and copied with a Metamorph, and quickly overwhelmed him with 4/4 wolves.  Match 2, against someone named Alex I don't think I'd seen before, he had a Werewolf deck but with weaker cards than I had.  I won easily.  Game 3, against Nick, he has a mono white humans deck.  I won the first game, lost the second to a Mirran Crusader, lost the third one to no mana.  His deck is strong, but beatable if I could only draw well.  Match 4 was against someone named Tyler who was running a white deck featuring Mirran Crusaders, the mythic swords, Angelic Destiny, and a bunch of planeswalkers.  It's hard to beat a 4/4 double striker with protection against your deck.  I came in 6th out of 12 and got 1 pack of Innistrad and a foil Savage Land.

I decided to hang around for the after draft event.  They had a box of Onslaught, and I decided to get into the spirit and bought 1, drafted that, Innistrad, and Dark Ascension.  Here's a tip: Onslaught is *AWFUL* for after draft.  All the creatures are tribal, and while they might be sort of OK if you could fill a deck with them, by themselves they're bad.  It was really just a lottery ticket shooting for a $40 fetch land, which I didn't get.  In the first couple of packs I found some decent looking green stuff, so on a whim I decided to draft mono green with some artifacts.  Liquimetal Coating plus as many disenchant effects as I could get was powerful for the games where I drew the Liquimetal Coating, but with just 1 in a 40 card deck it wasn't reliable, and of course being mono green it was light on removal.  First game, against James Manrique, I got a lot of benefit because I had two creatures with Forestwalk and one with Mountainwalk and he was playing green/red.  Game 2, against Gopher Dave, I got more creatures than he did and managed to roll over him.  Game 3, against Chris Manrique, both games seemed fairly close but I lost.  2-1, third place in a pod of 6, I won back the prize pack of Zendikar I'd put in.  Mainly, though, my reward for the after draft was the Havengul Lich in my Dark Ascension pack.

I traded for a couple of things.  I also discovered that Falkenrath Aristocrats are selling for $6 -- I thought they were $15 -- so I picked up a couple, and I think I'm about ready to build my vampire deck.  Right after I finish my spirits deck, and get a couple more cards for my splicers deck... I have too many deck ideas, and not enough chances to play.
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