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Last night was FNM at the Gopher.  I really wanted some casual play before the formal event, but I wasn't able to get any games.  A very small amount of trading; I got a couple of low-consequence cards on my list.  I've mostly been thinking about the vampire deck I'm putting together, but it's definitely not ready to play (what I have now has no sideboard, still has a couple of proxies for important cards, and most importantly hasn't actually been played against another person even once).  So I played my black-splashed werewolves again.  Match 1, against Ben Yanaga; he plays white/blue/black control with planeswalkers (Gideon and I think Elspeth).  I took one game because he kept a 1 land hand; otherwise, between counterspells and Day of Judgment and an Oblivion Ring here and there, he was able to hold me down until he could beat me up.  Pristine Talisman was part of his mix too; in a longer game it can add up to a fair bit of life.  Match 2, against Nick; he has mostly white humans but he's added Geist of St. Traft and blue/white dual lands.  Game 1, I got off an Instigator Gang crush.  Game 2, he got a Mirran Crusader, I stumbled with land, and he had removal for the creatures I could get out.  Game 3, I had mana problems again and he had Fiend Hunters.  Match 3, against Jackson, he has a red/green/white aggro deck with (but not really dependent on) Birthing Pod.  Game 1, I drew 1 land in my 7 card hand, 0 in my 6 card hand, 1 in my 5 card hand, kept it, didn't draw another land, and scooped.  Game 2, I had poor (as opposed to awful) mana, he had time to get a Gavony Township and pump up his guys and squashed me.  Game 4 almost didn't happen because Dave had problems with the software, but the round did get started.  Against Sarah Hubble, she's playing black/white human sacrifice (Ravenous Demon, Skirsdag High Priest, Gather the Townsfolk to feed them).  Game 1, she had her demons out fast and squashed me.  Game 2, she had mana problems and I ran over her with Wildblood Pack.  Game 3, we had a fairly tense match, both of us got fairly powerful boards out.  I had 3 life left and she had at least 1 5/5 demon, but I had several creatures, Full Moon's Rise, and a Wolf Run and was able to trample through with just enough.  So I ended up 1-3, nowhere near top half; I got a Mirrodin Besieged Phyrexian Faction pack as my prize.

After draft almost didn't happen because so many people are in Indy today for the Grand Prix and they didn't want to be up until 3.  But we did eventually get 6 people to agree to play.  It didn't start until after midnight; if I'd realized how late it would be I would have bailed.  I drafted poorly and ended up with a mix of black, red, and green cards, plus the Thalia from my Dark Ascension pack that I took because it's $6 and a couple of other white things out of the dregs.  If I'd realized how little white was going to be taken and moved into it, I think I would have done a lot better.  If I'd picked up on a couple of synergies sooner, I could have gotten some more combos.  I ended up with a fun deck with a number of tricks.  Match 1, against Ben, Magmatic Core (a weird card from Coldsnap) worked very well to clear out his stuff and I went 2-0.  Match 2, against Luke Leveque (that may be spelled wrong), first game he got stuff fast, second game I didn't get land, 0-2.  Match 3, against Josh Coleman, we went to time, 1-1-1.  It was after 3 and I was just not mentally functional.  And the magic of tiebreaks did not come through for me this time.

Again this week, I look at the stuff I wrote down yesterday and realize that I didn't write down most of what I need to know and can't read what I did write down.  I need to actually write down who goes first in game 1, who mulliganed how often, and who missed land drops.
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