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Friday Night Magic again last night at the Gopher.  I appear to have left my pad at the store, so I won't have many details.  There are so many deck ideas in Standard that I don't want to keep playing the same deck every week, especially since the werewolf deck wasn't working very well.  I had a first pass at a vampire deck for this week.  I'm trying to find synergies to make some cards that don't usually make the cut get better.  Stromkirk Nobles, Stromkirk Captains, Falkenrath Aristocrats, and Olivia Voldaren are strong.  Rakish Heir seems good with them.  The main gimmick in the deck is taking their creatures with Act of Treason and Traitorous Blood, so I have two Culling Daises, two Falkenrath Torturers, and one Demonmail Hauberk as sac outlets in addition to the two Aristocrats.  But I almost never managed to have both halves of the combo out.  I always seem to have bad luck, but last night seemed worse than usual.  Lost my first 3 rounds, won the fourth after already being eliminated from prizes.  Got the uncommon batch (nothing) as my door prize.  The rare batch had a Huntmaster and someone had a Sorin in a prize pack.

I decided that I'd stay for after draft as long as it started before 11, and it did.  Unfortunately, several people had bought obscure foreign packs.  I held up the event because I wanted to actually know what my Russian Time Spiral and Planar Chaos cards actually do.  I had an Obsidian Fireheart as the rare in my first pack, I decided to take it, since it's a 4/4 creature for 4 mana, even if 3 of it is red.  Drafted mostly red, with a splash of white.  Too little removal -- two Geistflames, a Burning Oil, a Firemaw Kavu, Ghostly Possession (that I never cast), Blisterstick Shaman (that I never even drew).  But I had a couple of Feral Ridgewolves, an Arc Runner that I was able to use to good effect, and a couple of creature enchantments that gave +2/+2: Squee's Embrace and Volcanic Strength.  The conventional wisdom is that all creature enchantments are bad because you lose two of your cards to one removal spell -- but I find that turning a little easily blocked creature into a big, dangerous creature often works really well in a limited environment.  Won my first match easily, lost the second one in a close game, won the third 2-1 again close.  Got an M12 pack and a Chinese Prophecy booby prize.  (Dave has a supply of the things, and he's selling them for only $4, and everyone thinks it's SO FUNNY to put a pack of cards that you can't read but turn out to be terrible when you do into the prize pool.)

Worst part of the evening was that, as we were finishing up, Nick discovered that his standard deck was missing.  It's full of expensive stuff (Sword of War and Peace, Geist of St. Traft, Seachrome Coast, pretty much everything you could spend money on in a standard white humans deck splashed with blue).  I was giving him a ride home.  I felt pretty awkward about it.  From my past experience, I think it's pretty likely to turn up, either somewhere in the store or because someone grabbed it by mistake.  But it's certainly possible that somebody is less than honest.  And in addition for feeling bad for Nick, that has me worrying about the rather expensive stuff I carry around hoping for trades or casual games.
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