Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Back from Iowa

To celebrate my birthday, I went to Iowa.  A couple of days with tzup and nbowa.  Hope you guys get over the cold.  Hope I don't come down with it too.  Then Wednesday, a house concert with Cheshire Moon opening for s00j, fantastic music, the cheap motel worked out OK.  Coming home today, I started feeling really hungry just as I passed the self-styled World's Largest Truck Stop.  The truck stop buffet was OK; $8.95 was a bit steep for a pretty basic buffet, but the food was decent truck stop buffet fare.  Why is gas so much cheaper in Iowa?  Decided on a whim that I would stop by Peoria for a drive by hug with someone who was at the meet at Nbowa's on Monday.  Being able to look up an address in an unfamiliar town on my smart phone is awesome.

I also got introduced to Words with Friends (Scrabble with the trademark filed off as an app on the phone) Monday night -- time will tell if I got the cold, but this is probably the more damaging infection :-) if anyone cares to play, let me know (I don't care to post my contact details in a public post).  I also downloaded the Boggle clone, but haven't actually played it yet.  I made a point of getting back to town during daylight so I could visit the dogs, only to run into rain around Bloomington.  I still visited the dogs, though it was damper than it might have been.
Tags: friends, furry, tech
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