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I played Friday Night Magic on Friday, but I haven't had a chance to write it up.

For FNM, I got one more Falkenrath Aristocrat for my vampire deck, and also threw in the Sword of Feast and Famine I got in a pack last week.  Round 1, against a new player named Steve Johnson with a white humans deck, I dominated.  First game, I drew 3 Stromkirk Nobles, he had two lands.  Game 2, after we both mulliganed, the vamps dominated again.  Round 2 against Chris Anderson's red-white deck whose main win condition seems to be Manabarbs with Personal Sanctuary, I went 2-1.  Arc Trail is pretty annoying, it tends to be able to get two of my creatures with one spell.  Match 3, I believe I allowed the thought to enter my head that I was actually doing well.  Chris Derry playing black-white tokens schooled me in how much not having any way to deal with enchantments sucks, especially since I only own one Ratchet Bomb.  I am considering splashing white (Sorin would be sweet when I have vampire lords to go with the tokens he makes), and I could sideboard Paraselene.  Match 4, Nathan and the zombies ran over me like a well-worn speed bump.  Game 1, I just got stomped; game 2, I sided in graveyard hate, but I kept a 5 land hand and drew 5 more land and never had a creature.  Somehow, despite this mediocre performance, I made the bottom slot in the top half and won one pack and another promo Ravenous Demon.

After this, I stayed around for the after draft, which in retrospect was a mistake.  We barely scraped up 6 players, and by the time we started, I was pretty tired, and not really putting enough thought into what I drafted.  I was blue-white-green, with some big green creatures, some white utility creatures, and some random blue stuff.  Highest value card I had was a Birds of Paradise.  Best card for limited play was Increasing Savagery.  I won the first round against a newbie named Dave who was in the store trying to get cards for an EDH deck called "IT'S A TRAP!" -- all the Traps from Zendikar plus everything with trap or snare in the name plus other stuff that seemed on theme.  Second round, I lost to Greg, can't recall any details (and didn't write any notes).  Third round, against Marc, we were 1-1 in a couple of decent, close games, but we were running low on time, I was getting very tired, and Marc was pressing me (quite excessively, I thought) to play more quickly.  He did end up winning just before time, but he flustered me enough that I think I misplayed.  I had only one creature on the board, he hit it with a kill spell, and I was trying to think through whether I should use the Unsummon I was holding to save it, or save it expecting to draw more.  I didn't use it, I didn't draw more creatures, and I lost.  But I really felt that I hadn't had the freedom to actually think about my play as I needed to.  Marc was angry, and I managed to avoid blowing up at him in return but I was pretty upset about it.  After draft is a fun format, but it just runs too late, and it's not fun for me to be trying to think but fatigued to the point of significantly reduced mental function.
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