Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker


I went to Friday Night Magic last night at the Gopher, playing standard with my vampire deck.  18 players, so there were 5 rounds.  Two of those matches, I had decent draws and won easily.  In the other 3 matches, I had 4 games where I was seriously short of mana and one where I got badly mana flooded.  6 game losses, 5 of which were caused by my own deck rather than my opponent.  One game in particular, my 7 card hand had 1 land, OK, go to 6.  6 card hand had 1 land, a Dragonskull Summit that would come in tapped -- so I go to 5.  And get no lands.  Go to 4.  No land again.  My 3 card hand had a land and a Stromkirk Noble, but unsurprisingly, I couldn't come back from being 4 cards down.

Won a decent door prize -- 5 random low value rares.  Did some trading, got rid of several foils for a couple of decent things.  I was up for after draft, but there were only 5 people including me, so it didn't happen.
Tags: gaming, magic
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