Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

FNM/AVR pseudo release

I never got around to posting anything about the Magic stuff this weekend.  I picked up my preordered fat pack and booster box of the new set.  I still haven't cracked the booster box because I'm hoping to get some people together for a friendly sealed deck event.  The fat pack was pretty lame -- one bad mythic (Primal Surge), no Cavern of Souls, no Vexing Devil, not much of anything.  Played AVR sealed for FNM. and again got nothing.  Went 2-2 and won the tie break lottery to get one booster.  I forgot my pad of paper so I didn't write down my scores.  Then came back at noon for the unofficial release party -- Wizards decided not to sanction release parties, but Dave decided to have one anyway.  We only had 8 people, one pod for draft.  I didn't crack anything good (notice a trend here yet?) but managed to go 2-1, 3rd place out of 8 for two booster packs.  AVR limited is a bit weird.  There's so little removal that getting a big creature out is often enough to win, but there are enough creatures with lifelink that it's often harder to finish off an opponent than expected.  Soulbond is really powerful in limited; I wonder how it will stack up in constructed environments where there's a lot more removal.
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