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Phil Parker

FNM: back to vampire treason

I didn't write up my magic exploits last week, partly because I forgot my pad of paper so I didn't have any record.  I finally got around to cutting my pad in half, so it doesn't take up so much table space, and I remembered it, so I have a few notes.  While I have a couple of new deck ideas rattling around in my head, one of which I started building, I decided I would play one of my more or less finished decks.  I'd played the splicers for the last couple of weeks, so I decided to switch back to my vampire deck (which I'm trying to attach a clever name to, reflecting its two themes, of vampires and red creature stealing spells).  Dave finally got some Sphere of the Suns in, so I could get the fourth one into the deck; that was the only change I made.

First round, I faced Ben Yunaga with his lingering souls deck.  It had other cards in it but that was the main thing he beat me with, with help from Batterskull, Wolfir Silverheart, and of course my deck, which provided a terrible draw game 1, not getting enough land, and a not very good draw game 2.  Game 2, I played Brad Collins.  First game, he mulliganed to 5, still never got much, and I never really saw his deck.  Game 2 didn't go much better for him.  Game 3, I faced Josh I-can't-read-my-own-handwriting, who had a UWG pod deck.  Game 1, I mulliganed to 5, kept 1 land, didn't draw into land, never recovered.  Game 2 was an epic game.  He got off to a good start, podding into a Wormcoil Engine before I really got going.  He played the Wurmcoil, I played Olivia, he swung, taking me to 14 and him to 25.  Then I used Olivia's big ability to steal the Wurmcoil.  He podded something, activating Tragic Slip on Olivia.  I responded by saccing his Wurmcoil, so I got the pieces.  He got me down to 2 life, but I got my Sword of Feast and Famine out, stabilized, and then ground him down.  Game 3, we went into turns, but I took him to 1 life on turn 2 and had two Falkenrath Aristocrats on the board.  Then game 4, I got paired down to Madalynn, who was playing some random black cards, she had several kill spells, but no real threats and I rolled over her.  There were 18 people but we only went 4 rounds; I finished 5th with a 3-1 record, winning 2 packs plus an FNM foil Ancient Grudge as my door prize.  My packs gave me an Exquisite Blood and a Zealous Conscripts.

I skipped afterdraft because I was getting up at 6 this morning to feed tigers.

I've switched a few Avacyn cards into the deck: one Zealous Conscripts for an Act of Treason (the one I got in my prize pack seems to be the only one I have, the one I thought I had not being in the box), one Vexing Devil for a Typhoid Rats, a Bloodflow Connoisseur for a Falkenrath Torturer, a Falkenrath Exterminator for a Bloodcrazed Neonate, and my one Bonfire of the Damned for a Volt Charge.  I also tweaked the land base, swapping swamp #8 out for mountain #11.
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