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Phil Parker

FNM and Game Day

A whole bunch of magic in the last couple of days.  For FNM, I was in Standard, still playing my seductive bloodsuckers deck.  I picked up my 4th Falkenrath Aristocrat, and I'd made a couple of other changes since its last outing.  Match 1, Ben had something green and white, I won game 1 with my Aristocrat, he won game 2 with a Vorapede, game 3 he was mana screwed and I never took a point of damage, so I actually beat him, I think for the first time of all the times I've faced him.  Match  2, I faced Nathan who had a red and black zombies and burn deck.  First game, I mulled to 6, drew poorly, got crushed.  Game 2, I sided in my anti-zombies tech, we both mulled to 6 (he wouldn't go for the gentleman's mulligan, where you agree to a draw and both go back to 7), and he drew about 47 removal spells, I couldn't keep a creature out.  At least I got him down to 10.  Match 3, faced Chris, dunno his last name and he didn't tell me, game 1, he kept a 1 land hand and I hurt him for it; game 2, he was mana starved, I was flooded, fairly close but I got him.  Match 4, faced Ken Swales with blue/white spirits.  Game 1, he got out the double Drogskol Captain, I stumbled a little, and he killed me still having 6 life.  Game 2, I drew crap and while I was doing that, he got a Sword of War and Peace out, and that was all she wrote.  Swords are a serious weakness for this deck; I probably need to find room to mainboard some artifact hate.  So I was 2-2 overall, and my tiebreaks were good, 6th overall for 1 AVR booster, and I got a booster battle pack in the door prize lottery.  No way I could stay for afterdraft, with an event in the morning.

Then the main event of the weekend, Game Day.  Turnout was poor, only 16 players -- I guess a lot of people go out and do things on Memorial Day weekend, who knew?  Match 1, I played Ken Keller with a black and red Blood Artist deck.  Both games ran long and were somewhat close, but I ended up winning.  Match 2, Damon Heber was playing Frites.  Game 1, I got Olivia on the board and managed to beat my arch-nemesis Elesh Norn (turned her into a vampire, took control of her).  Game 2, about turn 4 he faithless looted and discarded a Craterhoof Behemoth and an Unburial Rites, and in one of my best ever top decks, I drew a Grafdigger's Cage.  But he failed to rage quit, and shortly put a Sword of War and Peace on a spirit token.  Then game 3, I mulled to 6 into a crummy draw with no cage and no spellbomb, and he Unburial Rites-ed a Craterhoof.  Match 3, Palmer Buss had a mono black zombies deck.  Game 1 was tight, I had him down to 1 but he had several creatures, a Lashwrithe, and I had one Stromkirk Captain on the board, and a Culling Dais with 1 counter.  With what he had out, I could live one more turn, but if he drew anything -- even a swamp to make his germ token bigger -- he'd have me.  So I sacked the Captain for another counter, sacked the dais for 2 cards, and drew Chandra.  Unfortunately, game 2 I mulled to 6 into crud, he drew a lot of removal, and he walked over me, and game 3 I had 3 treasons but no sac outlets and he ran over me with a bunch of zombies.  Match 4, Zack Morlock had a green and white deck with some soulbond guys and Suture Priests.  Game 1, he was mana screwed and my Aristocrats rolled over him.  Game 2, he had enough life gain to slow things down a bit but I prevailed.  2-2 overall again, but this time my tiebreaks were awful and I was 10th, no foil full art Killing Wave for me.  My door prize was a Korean Dark Ascension pack, which I traded to James Manrique for an AVR pack.

Over the two nights, I bought 4 AVR boosters and won 2.  Out of the 6 packs, I got 1 Cavern of Souls, my first, 1 Reforge the Soul, and 4 crap rares.  James looked through my binder and fell in love with my Arboria, for which he traded me three not-good-but-fun standard rares.

I was gonna ramble on about my deck in more detail, but I have to get to bed to feed tigers tomorrow.  So, do any magic players actually read this and want to hear about my deck?
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