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Played in Standard last night.  2-2 with lousy tiebreaks.  I decided I wanted to run my spirit/token deck, even though it wasn't really done and I'd never played it except in some casual games, so I tweaked it some, threw together a sideboard, and went in.  Match 1, against Ramsay with a mana ramp into huge creatures deck, game 1 I drew well, the only real threat he got out was a Wurmcoil Engine, I had an Oblivion Ring in hand for it, and the spirits overwhelmed him.  Game 2, I had a mediocre draw, slow start, he got out some big stuff including Elesh Norn, he won.  Game 3, we both mulled to 6, he declined the gentleman's mulligan, I kept 2 lands and didn't draw another for 3 turns, giving him plenty of time to roll over me.  Match 2, Chris Watson had a delver deck.  Game 1 I had 4 spirits and Intangible Virtue, but I was getting quite low on life.  Drew Vault of the Archangel, swinging for 8 with lifelink put me out of danger and I won the next turn.  Game 2, I got my Sword of Body and Mind out early and crushed him.  Match 3, against Palmer with a blue/green deck whose main objective was to soulbond Wolfir Silverheart with Invisible Stalker.  Game 1 he was mana screwed, he hit me a few times with an unpumped stalker, slowed me down with a couple of fogs, but I won easily. Game 2 he put up a fight but I got my Vault of the Archangel again when I was getting a little low on life and put it away.  Match 4, Ken Swales had a blue/white control deck featuring Day of Judgment, Gideon, and Jace.  Game 1 I hurt him some before he dayed and killed me with Gideon.  Game 2, I had an army out 3 times and 3 times got Day of Judgment (once off a Snapcaster), he O-ringed my O-ring on his Jace, and he milled me out.  I misplayed, failing to flash back a lingering souls he milled away for a couple of turns, but he also misplayed, failing to use Nephalia Drowned.  Not a good matchup for my deck.  I think I will add an Elixir at least to the sideboard to have a better chance against this.  So I finished 2-2, which I suppose is OK for an untested deck; my tiebreaks were terrible, so I was officially 11th out of 16.  Door prize was the uncommon batch, which Dave apologized for but which I thought was pretty good for an uncommon batch -- Overrun, Strangleroot Geist, Elite Vanguard, Diregraf Captain, etc.

I stayed around for after draft for the first time in a long time.  Finished before I got too tired to enjoy it at all, 2-1 overall, so I got my M12 prize pack back. I almost rage-quit when someone, I think it was Zack, got everyone to agree that everyone had to play a Chronicles pack.  Chronicles packs are only 12 cards, so the afterdraft rule is you can't draft it unless everyone does.  I don't like Chronicles, because I was playing back then.  They reprinted a few good cards but mostly it suffers from 15 years of power creep, so almost all the cards are garbage by today's standards.  They're white bordered, and while the brought back a few fun cards from the sets they reprised, they left out far more, so it was a pretty big disappointment.  I never got over not liking the set, but I decided to play anyway.  Didn't get anything good in my Chronicles pack, I think I took Azure Drake.  I ended up in blue, white, and green, with a lot of small flying creatures but very few big ones, the only bomb was the Mikaeus, the Lunarch in my Innistrad pack.  Match 1 against Josh Coleman, I kept a 5 land hand and drew 5 more land while he got out a couple of big guys.  Match 2 was even less close, because I was even more mana flooded, I didn't miss a land drop all the way to turn 12, I hurt him a bit with my Tormentor's Trident on my Niblis of the Urn, but he had too many big creatures.  I was most upset when he played the Chinese Ulvenwald Bear with morbid and put two counters on a different creature -- I thought it just put two counters on itself which is why I hadn't drafted it.  I hate hate hate foreign cards in after draft -- even in current sets I make bad draft choices because I don't know what the cards are.  Match 2, against Zack's girlfriend Lanie, I drew pretty well, and walked right over her in two games.  Match 3, against Zack, game 1, he managed to get the Urzatron out but couldn't really do anything with it; he was low on life but had a Golden Urn with some counters, I had Mikaeus making my flyers bigger, and a break of day to put me over the top.  Then he conceded because Lanie had lost and they wanted to go home.

I bought a few low-value cards from the store.  Was going to buy a couple of Surgical Extractions but they were out.  I don't think they had the Rise of the Eldrazi commons I want, though I'm not positive Bill actually looked.  I don't like having the common and uncommon boxes behind the counter where an employee has to dig through them.  The only good card I got in my afterdraft was the Mikaeus.  I bought two packs of Avacyn and got a Tibalt and a Bruna, which I can't complain about.  Mark Fredricksen says he has the RoE commons, but didn't take my list with him; perhaps he will remember to bring them.  Didn't do any other trading.
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