Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

FNM: Low Spirits

I got to Friday Night Magic last night.  I was quite short of sleep either Wednesday or Thursday, and I was pretty tired.  I played my black and white lingering souls deck again.  Match 1, Chris Manrique, who never plays Standard, had a black and white tokens deck pretty similar to mine.  He had Suture Priests and Blood Artists.  I won game 1.  I sided in my Nihil Spellbombs to stop his Lingering Souls returning, never saw one in the next two games.  Game 2, I fell over out of the starting gate and he never lost a life.  Game 3 was a bit closer but his army came out quicker than mine.  Match 2, Ramsey was playing a Venser flicker deck.  Game 1, I was having land problems, he ramped into an acidic slime, and I scooped after he destroyed 2 of my lands.  Game 2, he locked me down with Stonehorn Dignitary and got a Batterskull out to gain back all the life I'd managed to take him for.  Match 3, Palmer was playing U/G Invisible Stalker.  Game 1, he got a Spectral Flight and two Curiosities on a stalker while I was getting nothing, and he got me, but the next two games my deck came out a bit quicker.  Match 4, against Phil Stanton, who is a good, experienced player, he doesn't usually play Standard but if he did I would't expect him to be 1-2 after 3 rounds.  I didn't quite get the point of his deck; it had Huntmasters and Lingering Souls, both of which are excellent, but they didn't really seem to be working together, and I took both games.  2-2 overall, but my tiebreaks were terrible, and I was about 14th.  My door prize was a Rainbow, it had an Autumn-Tail in it.  By the third match, I felt so fatigued that I got confused with keeping track of life totals; even though I didn't feel too bad, I was quite sure I couldn't stay for after draft at that point.  Dave announced that instead of the standard bring your own boosters after draft, it would be M12-M11-M10, which I would have been annoyed about.  I was home by 11:15.
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