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Had a pretty good day at FNM last night.  For Standard, I'd done a little tweaking on my W/B Lingering Souls deck.  The top deck in Standard right now is U/W Delver, and I wanted to have a better matchup against it, as well as some of the other nasty stuff other deck play.  So I added a couple of Torpor Orbs, taking out the only cards I was running that Torpor Orb hurt -- Cathar's Crusade and Geist-Honored Monk.  I was net down 1 card, so I bought another Hero of Bladehold, and I was off to the races.

We had 22 people for Standard, so we got 5 rounds, and we actually got to start before draft.  We still have to go to the back of the store, but we got a little more respect this week.  Match 1, against Mark Timlan running R/W humans, game 1, my deck didn't come out too well, I got him down to 4 but he won.  Game 2 I came out strong and won fairly easily.  Game 3 was a squeaker.  We both had bad mana draws that slowed us down, but he was more screwed than I was.  But his deck can do an awful lot with only 2 Plains, and he got me down to 2.  Match 2, Jon Chen was playing the dreaded Delver; game 1 he got me with a Geist of St. Traft, and game 2 he had a Phyrexian removal spell for every creature I got out.  Match 3, Ben Swiedler had another U/W Delver deck.  Game 1, he had to mull to 5, I got a good start and rolled over him.  Game 2, I was on the ropes even though I had a number of creatures.  I topdecked a Vault of the Archangel, and the lifelink put me out of danger and got me the game.  I do like the card; I think I may want to add a third one, in spite of the danger of too many colorless lands for bad mana draws.  Match 4, Owen (didn't catch his last name) had a U/G creature deck; when he started out with Birds of Paradise and then blue came out, I was thinking it was Birthing Pod or Frites but it turned out to be neither.  Game 1, for the first few turns I couldn't cast anything but 3 Intangible Virtues -- but I survived long enough to drop Sorin, and 4/4 vigilant lifelink vampire tokens quickly turned the tide.  Game 2 I was mana screwed and never came back.  Game 3, we went to turns, I had been unable to get through so he was still at 20 life, but I'd worn his blockers away.  In turn 4 of the 5 turn countdown, I fired Sorin's ultimate, taking his remaining blockers including a Wolfir Silverheart which I bonded to one of my creatures, swung with everything I had that didn't have summoning sickness, counted it up, and it was 21 damage.  Match 5, Palmer had a B/R vampire deck featuring Bloodline Keeper.  Game 1, I crushed him with a Sword of Feast and Famine.  Game 2, I couldn't draw a black mana and he did me in.  Game 3, he never scratched me.  4-1 overall, ended up in 4th place, winning 3 packs.  My first door prize was the common batch, but 4 people dropped, so I got a second door prize and got the FNM Acidic Slime, which I traded for two AVR packs.

Because Standard went 5 rounds, afterdraft didn't get started until 11:30 or so, but I was alert and ready.  My packs were AVR-DKA-ISD.  I cracked a Vexing Devil, so I started in red.  Ended up taking black and green as my secondary colors.  I think 3 people brought Alara Reborn; there were a lot of multicolored cards.  Nothing in my DKA pack, but my ISD pack had a Liliana.  I wasn't running very much black; I probably shouldn't have played her, with her double black, but I never had a game where I drew her but couldn't get the mana to play her, even though I only had 4 swamps.  Match 1 against Jason, game 1 was tight but I pulled it out.  Game 2, I mulled to 6, kept a hand with no mountains, never drew one, and got walked over.  Game 3, he had a bad draw and never scratched me.  Match 2 against Michael Mckinney, the first game was close (only because I had my Oxxida Scrapmelter to answer his Sword of Vengeance), but he got me.  Second game, I mulled to 6, had a poor hand, and got walked over.  Match 3, against Dave (the owner)'s amazing collection of white first strike critters, game 1 he rolled over me.  Game 2, I mulled to 6 but got a decent hand and took him down.  Game 3 ran pretty long.  He had a Curse of the Bloody Tome on me, and had milled 4 of my 5 forests.  I had Stonewright soulbonded to Oxxida Scrapmelter, but he had Defang on the Scrapmelter.  He was low on life but had blockers, and I had a Fling and a Thunderbolt in hand.  I had the win, but I drew my last forest, and was so excited that I played one of my green spells -- a Mage Slayer.  Then I RTFCed and realized that if I put the Mage Slayer on the Defanged Scrapmelter, it would do nothing at all, because the Mage Slayer causes the creature to do damage, and the Defang prevents all damage the creature would do, not just combat damage.  If I'd not wasted my mana playing the Mage Slayer, I'd have ended it that turn, but I was still able to spend 1 red to raise the Scrapmelter's power to 4 and then Fling at him, which put him at 1, and my Kederekt Parasite did the last point when he drew for his turn.  4th overall, which is less impressive in a field of 10 than in a field of 22, but still not bad; I got a DKA pack and a Chinese Prophecy pack.

Just one more Standard FNM before the new core set comes out.
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