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FNM-M13 Release - Phil's Rambling Rants
July 14th, 2012
08:29 pm


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FNM-M13 Release
Friday was the official release of Magic 2013, and I picked up my preorder.  I was horribly tired, but the release of a new set is the only time there are sealed events, and it's my favorite format, and I was determined to play anyway.  I cracked my packs and concluded I was doomed: I didn't have good removal in any of my colors.  Then I won the first couple of rounds, which raised my expectations, only to lose hopelessly in the last 3 rounds, due to a combination of not having enough removal and not being able to draw good cards.  The three people who beat me all went on to place in the top 6, so I had amazingly good tie breaks for being 2-3. The main event didn't finish until after midnight, so I probably would have skipped afterdraft even if I hadn't been so tired; as it was, I only stuck around to be sure I got my door prize, which turned out to be a playset of Glacial Fortresses, a pretty good prize.

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