Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker


FNM last night, I came in 2nd out of 12 and got my second FNM card in two weeks.  Match 1, Megan had a black and red aggro creature deck with Falkenrath Aristocrats and zombies.  Game 1, I mulled to a poor 5 card hand, got out of the gate slow, and was dead before I could recover.  Game 2, Rhox Faithmender helped me gain enough life that I was never nervous and I won easily.  Game 3 I was in a tight spot, but I got a Thragtusk and I was coming back, but we went to time before I could finish her off; 1-1-1.  Match 2, Chris Manrique was running a Venser control deck.  Game 1, he drew a handful of Blade Splicers and had me pretty much dead when his phone rang, he had a family emergency he had to deal with, and he conceded to deal with it.  He made it back in time for us to play one game casually, where I was able to beat him down before he could get his control engine going.  He probably would have won if he'd been able to play, but he was right to concede rather than try to finish the match after having to miss that much time.  Match 3, Jake was playing a Bant aggro deck whose main threat seemed to be Hero of Bladehold.  The game where he got two heroes out he won; I won the other two.  Match 4, Ben was playing Goblins.  Game 1, he got a Hellrider out, a bit scary, but I killed his army (and a couple of my mana dorks) with Sunblast Angel, and then killed him with the Angel.  Game 2, he got the Hellrider again, it was pretty tight, but I managed to hold him off and come back, 2-0.  3-0-1 overall; Ryan was 4-0, so I was solidly 2nd place.

Opened my prize packs, got a Lily emblem and an Omniscience.  Then headed home, missing afterdraft again because I'm going to Chicago, which is why I'm up now to write this.
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