Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Khana Khazanah

It seems unlikely that this will matter to anyone who reads it, but what the heck.

If you happen to be looking for food north of I-74 in Peoria, and you like hole-in-the-wall ethnic restaurants, I'd like to recommend Khana Khazanah. It's Indian/Pakistani food. They have a fairly small menu, but it features a lunch special, $5 for rice, naan, dhal, and two choices off a list. Most of those things are meatless, but the chicken qourma (as they spell it) is pretty good, and the cauliflower and potato curry is yummy. The dhal is quite nice too. When I ate there Friday, I also got an order of samosas. They were huge; 3 of them (for $5) would have been enough for a meal themselves, and they were quite delicious. 2118 N Knoxville, which is within a mile of the Knoxville Ave. North exit from I-74, so it's moderately convenient if you happen to be driving through Peoria.
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