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Magic update

I never posted about last week's FNM. The format was Return to Ravnica sealed. I got both a foil and non-foil Overgrown Tomb in my pull, which paid for the event, but for actually playing I didn't have a whole lot. I got past Carver in match 1 by letting him make a mistake when he could have won with the stuff he had. Match 2, I took game 1 from Miles thanks to Shrieking Affliction but he came back to take the next two. Match 3, I took game 1 against Zack, then he won the next two with Essence Backlash. Match 4, I beat Josh Leonard in 3 with Shrieking Affliction. Match 5 against Andy Forbes, I won game 1 with Dynacharge, he got game 2 by drawing lots of removal, and then I lost game 3 because after mulling to 5, I was color screwed.

This week, Standard, I did good. My deck for the night started with what was left from my black/white tokens deck, after my Heroes of Bladehold, swords, Go For the Throats, and some other stuff rotated out. I added blue in because I really wanted to put in Geist of St. Traft and combine it with populate. I added Chromatic Lanterns to try to make the 3 color thing work better, but I kept thinking about all the green stuff I wanted, and I ended up rearranging the mana to include all 3 Temple Gardens and 2 Overgrown Tombs, and adding a Thragtusk, a Parallel Lives, a Farseek, and 1 Trostani. (I want another Trostani but I haven't found one yet.) Match 1, Ashley seemed to have a similar sort of deck -- Intangible Virtue, mostly green and white tokens -- but mine played stronger. Game 1, Parallel Lives was the key card. Game 2, she was mana screwed, I got my Geist of St. Traft out and smashed her. Match 2, Nate was playing red/green aggro. Game 1, he won the roll, I got a bad mana draw, and he rolled over me before I could get anything going. Game 2, he kept a 1 land hand and didn't draw into anything. Game 3, I was getting low on life but got Parallel Lives and Vault together and turned it around. Match 3, Matt was playing Andy's zombies. Game 1, I was mana screwed and just barely managed to hold him off for a few turns, but I survived long enough to get stuff going, and won with 2 life left. Game 2, the zombies came out fast and I didn't find any removal. Game 3, he mulled to 6, I got two Intangible Virtues, a vault for a bunch of lifelink when I was getting low on life, and won. Match 4, Brian Doherty was also playing zombines. Game 1, he kept a 1 lander and drew enough to come back. Game 2, I held on by the skin of my teeth, going to 1 life twice, but Trostani let me gain enough life that I pulled it out. Game 3, I was slowed down by being color screwed, but I got the Grove of the Guardian off and squashed him. And that was the event, 4-0, I won my FNM Evolving Wilds and 4 packs, which I should have left sealed. But two more Pack Rats gives me a playset; I'm going to build a rat deck, and if it seems viable, I'll play it next week.

I skipped afterdraft to return to the store at 11 for the Deck-Builder's Toolkit Beatdown, but unfortunately, nobody else showed and the event didn't happen. Played a couple of games of 1-1 EDH (Ghave is so broken), then came back home rather than sit around in the store alone.
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