Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Election Day

In just a few more hours, the nightmare of the election will be over. If Obama wins, we can try to move forward getting something done in spite of the obstructionists. If he loses, then the real nightmare begins.

I suppose it's unlikely that any of the three people who read my journal are at all undecided, but please, if you haven't cast your vote for Obama, get out and do it. This election is too close. Your vote matters. Obama is not a perfect candidate, but if Romney wins, we'll have a Supreme Court that will criminalize abortion, reverse the gains made on gay rights, and further extend the control of the rich and the corporations over all aspects of life. If Romney wins, the people who think short term corporate profits are more important than whether we still have an earth in a hundred years get to run the EPA again. If Romney wins, the party that thinks that only rich people should get health care gets to run Medicare and Medicaid, and they've promised to repeal the crappy compromise on health care that was as much reform as they allowed to happen.
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