Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker


As you know if you know me very well, my car is getting kinda long in the tooth as it were. In fact, I was approaching a milestone -- 300000 miles. I was getting all ready to take a cellphone pic of all the zeroes and post it. I was leaving EFRC and it was at 299997, so I'd hit it before I got to the interstate, so I could pull over. All good, I'm driving through Center Point, I roll to 299999, driving along, waiting for it to roll over. And waiting, and waiting, and it never does.

My odometer is pinned at 299999 miles. I've driven about 150 miles and it hasn't changed.

It's digital, so somebody specifically programmed it this way. The trip odometers and speedometer still work so it's not some amazingly timed mechanical failure.
Tags: car, life
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