Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker


Got the car back at 5 yesterday. In addition to replacing the clutch and slave cylinder, they replaced the transmission which didn't work when connected to the car hydraulics. They also replaced a wheel bearing (which I hadn't realized was out) and did the oil change and tires as scheduled. They couldn't fix the odometer, so it's still pinned at 299999. But it runs, it shifts smoothly, and I have my own car so I don't have to borrow birder2's to access my own bed, kitchen, desktop computer, etc., which has been a pain for both of us the last week.

They didn't charge me for labor for replacing the transmission, so I got a substantial discount, but it still cost a great deal. So I fervently hope that it will be a couple of years before I have to really think about a new car.
Tags: car, life
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