Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker


I didn't play any magic after last FNM, during my carless week, so I had the same deck as I did last week. I did rather poorly.

Round 1, John Pacey was playing B/R zombies. I lost the roll and he had a good draw. I don't think I can win when zombies goes first and draws well. Certainly not when I mull to 6, keep a poor hand, and never do anything Game 2, my deck came out well and he got a poor draw, and I won handily. But game 3, he was going first and got a good draw again, and I couldn't get anything going. Round 2, Andy Forbes was playing a Heartless Summoning deck. Game 1, I O ringed his Heartless ning and walked over him before he could get his huge creatures out without the boost. Game 2, he beat me up with a Wolfir Silverheart and a Restoration Angel, and I couldn't find any Selesnya Charms. Game 3, I got mana screwed, which gave him lots of time to bring out some huge scary stuff. Round 3, Jonathan Wang was playing a R/W humans deck. He was getting really bad draws from it. I mulled to 5 first game, but still beat him, and game 2, he mulled to 5 and then got mana flooded, and I got 2 Thragtusks to crush him. Round 4, someone I don't think I've played before, whose first name was Isaac and I didn't get his last name, was playing a deck that seemed to e Grixis control. My deck worked well enough round 1. Round 2 was long and grindy, but he eventually got me. Game 3, I was definitely winning but we went to time. Round 5, Chris Zang was playing a U/G deck that seemed to be mainly about making an invisible stalker huge. It worked out fairly well for him round 1, but game 2 was just getting started when they announced that after draft was going to start early, even though we weren't done with Standard. I guess Chris was the only person playing in Standard who intended to after draft. Since he wasn't going to finish top half even if he beat me, he conceded so he could afterdraft. I skipped afterdraft because I'd had much too stressful a week. So I was officially 2-2-1, though I was down 1 game to none in that last win. I won a tube of life counters in the lottery.
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