Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

This is just fanastic.

After I got home from a long day at EFRC, extremely tired and ready to fall over, I put my ice pack back in the freezer, and noticed there was a pool of gunk in the bottom of the freezer. I quickly discovered that all the meat in the freezer is thawed; I have maybe 25 lbs. of meat to throw away. Things don't seem to be cold enough in the regular fridge either.

My fridge is 22 years old -- I bought it when I moved in. So I'm probably due for a new one. But I don't have money for it, even on a non-panic basis. I don't think there's a good time for this to happen but coming home on a Saturday evening, totally exhausted, and with things to do tomorrow other than trying to shop for a new appliance, this seems like a particularly bad time.
Tags: home, life, whine
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