Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Magic update: I suck

Friday night for FNM, I had my choice of Modern or RTR block draft. Since I still don't have a Modern deck worth playing, I went with draft. I opened no bombs and ended up with a crappy deck in 3 colors. I lost horribly in the first 2 rounds, actually sank to my level in round 3, won, and still ended up in last place -- there were 9 people in the pod, and the byes worked out that no one had 3 losses. I got the FNM card in the lottery.

Today was the prerelease for M14. I didn't open much, and stared at my pool for a long time trying to come up with something. I decided to try to play all the Slivers I drafted -- I had one Galerider Sliver, 1 Syphon Sliver, and one Megantic Sliver, plus a Predatory, a Steelform, a Sentinel, and a Groundshaker. If I'd had a little more mana fixing it might actually have been OK, but I didn't. I had almost no playable removal, because the little removal I had was double colored mana and I didn't want to try to get to two of a color in a splash color -- so I wasn't playing with my claustrophobias or my Chandra's Outrages. I won one game in the first two rounds; a couple of games were close enough to keep me hoping but not enough to win. After the second round, I switched into the deck I should have been playing to start with -- just playing the black and red playable cards, getting that removal. I won the next two rounds easily enough. Then in the last round, I went 1-2 due to terrible draws. And then I won a guild button for my door prize.
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