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FNM report - Phil's Rambling Rants
August 31st, 2013
08:05 pm


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FNM report
FNM last night was one of the Gopher's wacky drafts: Modern Masters, Innistrad, and Zendikar. I got an Aether Vial in my MMA pack, a pretty good pull but not amazing. I then proceeded to draft by what has become my default strategy for afterdraft and other weird drafts: green for mana fixing and big creatures, white and black for removal. I got a decent deck. Round 1 I beat Ben Yanaga so hard I knocked him out of the event. (i assume he was just trying to draft value -- he dropped after the round.) Round 2, a hard fight against Toby Simpson. Game 1 I kept a marginal hand, had trouble for a long time because I couldn't get black, and lost a longish game. Game 2 he had some mana trouble and I beat him. Game 3 was fairly tight until he hit me with a Hellkite Charger backed up by a Tribute to Hunger that made me sacrifice my blocker. Round 3 I beat Joey Hanks fairly easily in game 1 and then in a close game 2. So I was 2-1, but my tiebreaks were awful because Ben dropped, and I got 4th, for one pack and a spindown die for my door prize.

I stayed for afterdraft and tried to draft the same strategy, but had a much weaker deck. Won round 1, lost round 2, round 3 was heartbreakingly close but I couldn't quite pull out game 3.

In other magic news, I've put together an EDH deck with Vorel as the general. Now I just need to find some EDH players with time to play.

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