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Game Day

I haven't been posting about my Magic results in a long time. My excuse is that I haven't been playing in constructed events, so I don't have decklists that really need recording, but I don't have that excuse today. Today was Game Day for Theros, so I had to have a Standard deck. I've built a couple of casual decks for the new Standard but I haven't played competitively. I probably should have put together a Selesnya list, but I went with Boros because I have 4 Chained to the Rocks and I really want it to be good.

Only 16 people showed up, so I only had to finish top half to win the coveted full-art foil Nighthhowler. I got there, but not by a whole lot. Still, a reasonably good time.

2 Anax and Cymede
1 Aurelia, the Warleader
2 Boros Charm
1 Boros Keyrune
2 Boros Reckoner
4 Chained to the Rocks
1 Coordinated Assault
2 Dauntless Onslaught
1 Dragon Mantle
2 Faboled Hero
1 Favored Hoplite
1 Firemane Avenger
2 Gods Willing
1 Heliod, God of the Sun
1 Hopeful Eidolon
2 Legion Loyalist
1 Mizzium Mortars
1 Ordeal of Purphuros
4 Phalan Leader
2 Soldier of the Pantheon
1 Spark Trooper
1 Stormbreath Dragon
1 Warleader's Helix

8 Mountain
10 Plains
4 Sacred Foundry
1 Temple of Triumph

2 Archangel of Thune
1 Assemble the Legion
2 Boros Charm
1 Burning Earth
1 Fiendslayer Paladin
2 Frontline Medic
1 Glare of Heresy
1 Legion's Initiative
2 Pithing Needle
1 Rest in Peace
1 Spark Jolt

Round 1, I faved Megan Barron playing mono red. I took game 1 after my Mizzium Mortars cleared the way. Game 2 I had to take out 2 Boros Reckoners with damage, which did enough to me in return that I couldn't stabilize. Game 3 I got mana screwed, 0-1. Round 2, Ryan Brommel was playing a black-green-white build with various good creatures. I bestored Hopeful Eidolon on Firemane Avenger and swung with 3 creatures, gaining a ton of life for the win. He sided in Lifebane Zombies, which he proceeded to cast on turns 3, 4, and 5, hitting creatures each time -- but I still managed to run him over. 1-1. Round 3, Jason Torrostin was also playing a black-green-white build. Game 1 I got mana screwed and run over, game 2 I got a fast start and he didn't come up with much, and game 3 I was mildly mana screwed but he was badly flooded and I killed him despite having only 3 land in play and a handful of 4 drops. 2-1. Round 4, Joshua Green were both 2-1, a draw would put us both in top 8, so we drew, fortunately, since we played for fun and I got mana screwed badly and lost both games to his Boros deck. His was more battalion focused rather than heroic. 2-1-1, 5th or 6th overall out of 16, not too bad.

For my next run at Standard, which may not be till December, I'll probably go with my heart and play Selesnya, even though I'll lose Chained to the Rocks, because I actually have nearly all the top tier cards for it. Only 2 Voices, but 4 Fleecemane Lions, 4 Loxodon Smiters, 4 Boon Satyrs, 4 Advent of the Wurm, etc. Or maybe not, we'll see how the metagame looks by then.

I also got to play the Fight the Hydra side event. I left my Hero cards at home, but 3 of us got together and beat it on its hard setting. I decided to buy my own copy, it's kind of fun to play solo and probably slightly more instructive than goldfishing for trying out new decks.
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