Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker


Chambanacon is over for another year. It was low key but a lot of fun. We had a little trouble with the hotel -- seems they got confused about when Thanksgiving was, and double booked some of their facilities. But we managed to have a good time anyway. I played a lot of Dominion, a few other games, and did some filking, singing a few songs and reminding me once again that I need to put some effort into music between cons. I feel very rusty, I can only play a few songs before my chording hand hurts a lot, and my repertoire keeps shrinking as the number of songs that I have in my book but haven't done in so long that I'm not feeling up to trying them in public grows.

I have survived the crazy season with 4 cons in 6 weeks. Now I just have to survive the combination of quadruple PCD and the holidays.
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