Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

New Years (I hate winter)

Rather than sit at home and feel sorry for myself for New Years, I decided to drive up to Milwaukee for the party at Lytheria. If I'd known what the weather was going to do, I might have stayed home. The drive up was only somewhat bad; it started snowing lightly north of Kankakee. The biggest problem was the salty goop on the road constantly being sprayed on my windshield. Fortunately, the windshield washer was working. There was enough gunk on the roads to merit slowing down in a few places, and a lot of people on the road who slowed down more than necessary. I never had any close calls, but the drive was perhaps half an hour longer than expected and more stressful. I was pretty frazzled by the time I got to filkart and ithiriel's place. filkart got off work a little early and we went to a Thai place that has just opened near them, Pattaya. The Tom Kha was outstanding, I think the best I've ever had. A cute appetizer called Money Bags, won-ton skin type things tied up into little bags around some minced meat and vegetables, the filled part was quite tasty, the decorative part a bit meh, but certainly a decent appetizer. For an entree I had a red curry with a very nice sauce, especially thick and creamy and a nice level of spice. The dinner did quite a lot to perk me up and feel that the universe wasn't a complete mistake. ithiriel then bailed out on us, since she'd been busy rushing around all holiday season and really needed a break; filkart and I picked up Jim and went on to Lytheria, where we had a very nice little filk, and I got to see the last half of Despicable Me 2 which was more entertaining than I had expected. We made it home despite the combined efforts of nature (it snowed lightly the whole evening) and the other drivers. I was very tired, but still had trouble falling asleep. Got up in the morning to discover that it had snowed another couple of inches overnight. We went to lunch at Athens, a slightly Greek but mostly "family restaurant" place not too far away that is open on New Year's. Had a decent lunch, and then I hit the road, since I wanted to have as much daylight as I could and hopefully get home before the white stuff started here. Unfortunately, it was snowing enough to make travel quite slow and tedious. Fortunately rather little terror involved; I didn't lose traction or see anyone lose it near me. But between conditions actually requiring slow travel (I never exceeded the speed limit the whole trip and only got close to it in a few rare relatively clear bits) and other drivers going even slower than necessary, iit took a full 6 hours to make the trip.
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