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On a more pleasant and less sensitive note, Mother's Day is coming up Sunday, and since birder2 is going to be kind of busy that day, we decided that we'd go out to dinner today. I had heard that her favorite Indian restaurant had closed, but I'd also heard in the same conversation that a new Indian restaurant had opened in downtown Urbana. Google found it for me; it's called Sitara. It's on Race between Elm and Main, which I drive past every week or two, but I had been oblivious to it.

The space is small -- it was a bar, the name of which I can't recall. They had several flat-screen TVs running what I assume was a Bollywood musical. (I've never seen any Bollywood fare, I've only heard it discussed on the radio.) I couldn't keep myself from looking at the TV; it was pretty but didn't seem to make much sense. The menu looked fairly promising -- not an extraordinarily large number of choices, but certainly not small. A lot of familiar dishes, but some that I don't recall from other Indian menus as well, it presented the usual dilemma, since pretty much all of the dishes sounded good. We settled on samosas and an appetizer called, if I'm remembering the unfamiliar name right, chicken kusawa. Something like that. The menu described it as having Nepali spices, which sounded novel. birder2 chose an odd named curry whose name I can't recall, but that had a j and I think a z. I chose lamb kedai. The samosas were tasty, not exceptional, but perfectly good samosas and I like samosas. The chicken appetizer was a surprisingly generous bunch of grilled chicken breast chunks, and the spicing was interesting. My curry was quite delicious, pleasantly spicy to me (which meant it was a bit too much for birder2 to sample). I had a small taste of hers and it was also tasty.

So, all the things we ate were good, and the prices were quite reasonable by C-U sit down restaurant standards. (I think all the entrees were between $9 and $11, mostly $10.) So, if you're looking for Indian, apparently you can't go to Bombay Grill on First Street any more, but you can go to Sitara instead, and it's a fine choice.
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