Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Lori update

Lori went to the emergency room at the U of I Small Animal Clinic this morning.  They said she was borderline shocky, gave her IV fluids, and did preliminary blood work which showed her to be anemic.

Abdominal xrays were inconclusive; no signs of a problem with her back, a hint of possible organ problems, but only a hint.  Chest xrays were clear, abdominal ultrasound shows enlarged lymph nodes and unusual appearance in the liver and spleen.  Cancer is likely but not proven at this point.

She'll stay at the U of I on supportive care tomorrow, and the oncologist will evaluate the case and look at the "aspirate" samples (I think that means a needle biopsy).

I expect a confirmation that she has cancer, with an explanation of what kind, tomorrow (I've partially made arrangements to get in touch with the oncologist after I get back from EFRC), and now I get to look forward to the wonderful joy of choosing a course of cancer treatment for a dog.

I am very attached to this dog, but I definitely don't want to make her suffer just to put off my having to let her go.  The vet is probably going to recommend some very expensive treatment, and I am going to have a very hard time with that whichever way I go.  The part of me that will say "you threw away the best dog in the world to save a little money" will be at war with the part that will say "you spent HOW MUCH money on a DOG?"

I haven't gone to pieces yet, but please be ready to glue me back together, because I can see it coming.  If you've been through modern cancer treatment for a dog, please share what you've learned.
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