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Safely home from Capricon. I had a good time, got some badly needed emotional recharge, and am frustrated it ended so soon. I spent most of my con in concerts (between the Cafe and main stage), which meant that I was getting concerted out by the time the main event concerts came around Saturday night, with Cheshire Moon giving a great show opening for Alexander James Adams, who is still fabulous. I also made it to open filk both nights and carried my weight in the circles without (I think) being a filk hog.

I didn't make it to any regular programming, even though there was some I kind of wanted to get to, because there was so much music I wanted to hear. Since not being able to do all the things at the con that you'd want to isn't actually a complaint, the main things that were less than perfect were the horrible hotel air (seriously, hotel air is always so dry it's corrosive, but it seemed worse than usual -- is it just me?), and the fact that the parking lot was so jammed that we didn't dare leave on Saturday, so I didn't get to have Pita Inn. The con didn't seem to have more attendees than usual, and although there was a lot of snow around, I don't think snow piles were actually taking up more than a handful of parking spaces. I think the problem was that Valentine's Day was Saturday -- I think there were more mundanes than usual staying in the hotel, and there were certainly a lot of people coming to Saranello's.

I'm sure there were problems at the con that were actually con related, but the concom and staff handled them smoothly enough that I never noticed. Everything seemed to run very well. Kudos especially to the filk and cafe people who put together the parts I was at (and made them so all encompassing that I didn't get to much else).
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