Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker


Just a quick shout out to bedlamhouse and ladyat for hosting their annual spring housefilk. We had a nice sized circle and I got to sing a bunch of songs and hear many more. poltr1 joined us and showed off some electronic gadgets as well as his saxophones. quadrivium had her piano and played a few fine things, and added some magic to a few others. harperjen was there. min0taur was there briefly and gave us a couple of songs. Most of the others were locals who aren't AFAIK on LJ and whose names I mostly can't remember, but the music was fine. And the snacks were good, and Wesley served up a fine paella.

Music is a wonderful thing, and a good circle makes it even better. I hope I find some opportunity for more before October.
Tags: filk, friends, music
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