Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

FNM: Arcbond silliness

Friday at FNM I tried to pull off some shenanigans, but I had a truly exceptional run of bad luck, so I'm not quite sure if the deck is completely hopeless or just not really very good.

1 Ajani's Presence
4 Arcbond
1 Brave the Sands
1 Deflecting Palm
2 Dragon Fodder
1 Goblin Rabblemaster
1 Hidden Dragonslayer
2 Lightform
1 Monastery Mentor
2 Myth Realized
2 Raise the Alarm
2 Roast
4 Seeker of the Way
4 Stoke the Flames
3 Soulfire Grand Master
3 Thunderbreak Regent

1 Banishing Light
2 Barrage of Bounders
4 Chained to the Rocks
2 Deicide
2 Glare of Heresy
2 Lightning Strike
2 Peak Eruption

The gimmick is to have a creature with lifelink, have it take a bunch of damage (such as by blocking something big), and hit it with Arcbond to wipe the board and gain a ton of life. Because Arcbond says the creature does the damage, so if the creature has lifelink, you win. But it wasn't that easy to make happen.

Round 1, I played Brandon L (can't read my writing) with a red/green dragons deck. In spite of never seeing Atarka, it was pretty scary. Game 1 was close, we were topdecking, he had 1 life, but I didn't get anything real and he flew over with big dragons. Game 2 my deck just rolled over and did nothing. 0-1. Round 2, Steve Jasper was playing the net deck that splashes green in U/W heroic for Dromoka's Command. He mashed me flat, using the Command at instant speed to remove the blocker that I'd hit with Arcbond before Arcbond resolved, and otherwise just rolling over me while I did nothing. The second game of that match, I drew one land mulled to 6, drew one land, mulled to 5, drew one land, said screw it and kept, didn't draw more land. 0-2. Round 3, Levi Gateward was playing mono-blue devotion. Game 1, I drew 4 more one land hands, keeping a 4 card 1 lander, took about 6 turns to be able to cast spells -- he was slow enough that I wasn't dead, but I was behind. Game 2 I brought in Deicide, got to use it on Thassa for a look through his deck -- he wasn't running Shorecrasher Elemental or Master of Waves, just Thassa and some random blue guys. I won. But I didn't have enough time in the round to finish game 3. 0-2-1. Round 4, Jonathon Benison was running a Mardu Warriors deck that seemed to be all taplands, which should have made it slow enough for me to have a chance, but I onlly got one game, losing game 3 when, after I fired my combo and wiped his board, I had 5 lands in a row on top of my deck while he built up another powerful board presence. Finishing the night 0-3-1, worst I've done in an event in quite a long time.

Not sure if I'm going to try this thing again. I do have one more Hidden Dragonslayer to add to the mix.
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