Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

FNM: Abzan again

I played in Standard again this week, same 75 as last week (because it didn't occur to me to add the Tasigur that I traded for until halfway through the event).

Match 1, Justin Blackford was playing a mostly-Esper dragons build with the lands that make any color of mana for dragons, and a lot of big scary dragons. I expected to have trouble with it, but he had bad draws and I won. In game 2, after having gotten to the point where he could cast Dig Through Time, he did so, and showed me that he hit seven lands, and then drew another after that. In match 2, Joey Beyer was playing an Abzan deck. He had Fleecemane Lions; I didn't see any Rakshasa Deathdealers. He had Den Protector, which I hadn't seen in an opposing Abzan list, but it seems good. I should figure out how to fit it into my own -- since I'm more invested in +1/+1 counters than most people. I kept mediocre hands both games, which were more mediocre after an early Thoughtseize. Game 1 was long, but he won. Then, in game 2, I thought I had some game for a bit, and he came back and had me nearly dead when we ent to time. Finally, round 3 (we barely got 8 people to have the event happen at all), Jonathan Benison was playing his Mardu Warriors deck. He had very strong hand and won game 1. I boarded into more Drown in Sorrows and Bile Blights, and won game 2 but it took a long time. I made a serious misplay -- he played Athreos, and I spent about 3 turns doing awkward things to avoid killing his creatures without having them kill me, and then had a face palm moment when I realized that my Dromoka's Command would have taken care of Athreos 3 turns sooner, which would have made it a much quicker game. And then, in game 3, he had some early pressure, but I came back and was solidly winning, but couldn't finish him before time. So I was 1-1-1 overall, and got 4th place.
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