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Phil Parker


I knew we'd had heavy rain last night, but I didn't realize quite how heavy until I went out for my daily walk. As I headed down the lane on the east side, I saw a lake ahead of me. The creek was high enough that the intersection of the lane and Rebmann Road was under water. The bridge was far enough under that it wasn't producing an identifiable wake. I don't know if it's still there under the water or not. I went around the other way, where the water came way out into the bean field north of the bridge on Muncie Slab, but the bridge itself was well out of the water. From the looks of things, the water has already receded about 2 feet from the crest. The last really big flood (20+ years ago) overtopped and damaged the old bridge; when they rebuilt it they made it much wider, so that it wouldn't form a dam, and it looks like it worked as designed. Finally, I went down into my own backyard, and saw that the water was still well up inside the fence, and from the mud the peak had been past the big basswood tree.

We'll have to wait a couple of days for the water to subside to tell how much damage there was. And hope that the chance of more thunderstorms today and tonight misses us.
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