Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker


I have just returned from Indy Fur Con. I've been having a stressful few weeks, and I needed a con more than I knew. I almost didn't go, but thanks to the generosity of friends WANOLJ, I got there. It was mostly low key, and there were some bits of time where I wasn't doing much, but there were bits of time when I had fun, when I laughed, when I hugged, and even danced. I had some good conversation. It wasn't a particularly musical weekend, though there was a guy with a guitar in the main area Friday night who had parodies of popular songs, including something wickedly unprintable to the tune of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah (ask me about it in person), and singing along with as she sang "Thirteen" and something of Seanan's on a borrowed guitar.

We took a detour through Terre Haute to have dinner at Tokyo Steakhouse, and we stopped at EFRC and I showed the other people in the car some tigers. But, it being the middle of the afternoon in August, it was pretty warm, the tigers were mostly sleeping, and there was limited enthusiasm to look at all of them. Perhaps we'll have another trip when it gets less hot. A little sushi and some delicious teriyaki got us nearly home, and the caffeine addicts decided to stop at a local coffee shop called Mad Goat Coffee, which the others assure me serves excellent coffee. (I'm sure it would taste like coffee to me, so I didn't have any.)

I felt inspired to pick up my guitar (which I have been doing far too little lately), and it felt good to sing some songs, even if I'm a bit rusty. Hopefully this emotional boost will last.
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