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FNM: Abzan meh - Phil's Rambling Rants
August 29th, 2015
05:55 pm


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FNM: Abzan meh
I played the same deck as last week. 2-1-1, 4th place overall.

Round 1, Justin Kessel was playing G/R devotion. I haven't seen this deck in a long time, but the way it played I don't know why not. He crushed me so hard I might as well have been a goldfish. I'm not even sure what to bring in from the board. He puts out masses of creatures, but Languish won't touch Dragonlord Atarka. I need End Hostilities, and I don't have it. 0-2. Round 2 Lucas Wright was playing a blue/white thopter control deck. I won game 1, then he won game 2 after time. The matchup felt OK -- better than the more aggressive blue/red thopters. Round 3, Jonathan Benison was playing a green/white deck that seemed kind of thrown together. He got me round 1, but I got the next two. Round 4, Joe Izaguirre was playing a mono red goblin deck tbat didn't seem to have either Piledriver or Rabblemaster , or very much burn. Game 1, he got me down to 4, and then I stabilized and smashed with big things. Game 2, I got no land and conceded quickly to have time to finish game 3, which worked OK. He surprised me with a treason effect which got me low enough to worry, but he didn't come up with anything more my Rhino with a +1/+1 counter got the job done.

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