Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

2016 EFRC Calendars have arrived!

Next year's calendars have landed. As usual, I encourage everyone to buy them. Best when you visit the center, but I understand that doesn't work for everyone. You can order them online. Or if you're going to be in the same place as I am sometime in the next few months, I'll be happy to deliver one. Let me know, in person, reply here, email, or whatever. They are $15. That's what I pay for them, I'm just spreading the word.

These are not my photographs; they are the work of Stephen McCloud, who has better equipment (even if he is a Nikon guy), more access (since he isn't two hours away), and most importantly, is more organized and better at getting photos off the camera and doing something with them. So, do buy them because you want to support EFRC, or because you like to look at pretty cat pictures, but not because you want to support me as an artist.
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