Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

FNM: crappy night

I did play at FNM on Friday. I didn't write it up yesterday because I went to EFRC. I lost the first 4 games. One of those games was interesting and the other three were just me not drawing the cards I needed. After going 0-2, I won the next one and should have won the last one but went to time.

I was running the same 60 but I changed the sideboard to better reflect things I thought I might want. I had:
1 Aerial Volley
2 Banishing Light
1 Bile Blight
2 Drown in Sorrow
3 End Hostilites
1 Glare of Heresy
1 Hero's Downfall
1 Infinite Obliteration
2 Languish
1 Whip of Erebods

Match 1, Adam Wright was playing green/black elves. I mulled to 5 game 1 and didn't come back. Then game 2, I sided out Valorous Stance and one Dromoka's Command for 2 more Drown in Sorrow. I was controlling for a few turns, and I dropped my 1-of main deck Whip of Erebos and sat back thinking I had this one in the bag, and he plays a card I thought was strictly a kitchen table card, but which completely blew me out of the water: Tainted Remedy. Round 2, where I faced Lance McGuinness with blue/white heroic. Despite the large amount of removal in my deck, I couldn't draw more than one of them per game, and both times when I whacked his pumped up hero, he was holding Gods Willing. Round 3, Steve Jasper was playing a pro Abzan list but not very effectively. I won both games despite three total mulligans. I mostly drew stuff I needed, and he didn't. Finally, in round 4 I faced Joe Izaguirra with a mono-red deck that was mostly creatures and tricks. I won game 1, but I drew a whole lot of land so it took a long time to do it. Game 2 I got too far behind the damage curve when, when it looked like I'd stabilized, he treasoned my Siege Rhino. Game 3, he mulled to 4 and I was winning, but he managed to hold me off just long enough to hold on for 5 turns when time was called, literally by 1 life -- he was at 13 life, I had 10 power of creatures he coudn't block, and I had an Abzan Charm that could add 2 counters.

Next week will be the last hurrah for Standard with Theros block cards. It's spoiler season, and so far I'm hugely disappointed. Siege Rhino will still be a card, but I don't think the mana will be there for my luck to support 3 colors. I really need Sylvan Caryatid to smooth me out -- a card none of the pros have been running for months. I don't know what I'll be playing at FNM a month from now.
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