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Lori update: Sigh.

Lori has been home for a day, and I don't feel quite as good about her condition as I did yesterday.  She's able to move, but most of the time she seems to just want to sit.  Last night, I kept bringing her inside, but she never seemed to get comfortable and settle down; after a few minutes she would ask to go back out.  I eventually decided that she just wanted to be outside, and let her stay there, but she isn't really projecting happiness even when she is outside.  The real clincher that All Is Not Well, though, is that she's not eating properly.  She shows some interest in food, and she will eat some when I give her food, but she doesn't finish all the food I give her.  Even though I am presenting her with less food than normal (because I'm feeding her twice a day, so she has food with the medicine she's supposed to get twice a day -- normally I only feed once a day) she leaves food in the bowl.  And this is the most food-fixated dog I've ever known.

She doesn't seem to be in pain or really suffering, but she doesn't seem to have much of any zip left.
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