Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Bonus chainsaw battery!

A couple months ago, I bought a Kobalt cordless electric chainsaw, because I occasionally need a chainsaw and I don't like anything about small gasoline engines. When I bought it, they handed me a rebate coupon at the register. Hey, this says they'll give me a second battery for the thing. 2 amp-hours at 80v is a non-trivial battery, so that seemed worth going to the web site and putting in the information. But after I put the information in, I tried to look back on the tracking information, and the website disavowed any knowledge of me. I decided to not get upset about not getting the free thing I hadn't been expecting when I bought the saw, and wrote it off.

Then yesterday, I found a small but heavy box in my garage. And today I opened the box and found that it had the battery it was supposed to have in it. As the kids say these days, w00t!

I have cut down most of the things that really needed cutting down with my new chainsaw, and determined that, to be best of my limited ability to tell, it's a serious tool, not just a dangerous toy. It doesn't forever on a charge, but definitely long enough to be useful, and the second battery definitely means that the saw will have more endurance than I do. (Turns out that a chainsaw starts to feel really heavy when you've been holding it for 20 minutes.)
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