Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

FNM: Hardened Scales

I have a new standard deck. It's really fun. I came *this close* to winning FNM tonight.

1 Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit
2 Avatar of the Resolute
2 Collected Company
4 Dromoka's Command
4 Hangarback Walker
4 Hardened Scales
3 Heir of the Wilds
4 Inspiring Call
1 Lantern Scout
3 Managorger Hydra
4 Servant of the Scale
2 Surrak, the Hunt Caller
1 Tuskguard Captain
1 Winds of Qal Sima
1 Undergrowth Champion

2 Blossoming Sands
2 Canopy Vista
10 Forest
5 Plains
4 Windswept Heath

2 Feat of Resistance
1 Forest
1 Gleam of Authority
2 High Sentinels of Arashin
3 Hunt the Weak
1 Whisperwood Elemental
2 Winds of Qal Sima
2 Windstorm

Round 1, I played Tom Trumpinski with his green/whtie renown deck. My deck tried really hard to make me lose -- I lost the first game by not drawing anything, and only had two lands the whole third game, but fortunately for me, Tom found a lot of land and no removal in game 3, and I got there despite ending the game with a grip of cards I could never cast. Round 2, I played Lance McGuinness with a mono-red Goblins brew. My deck actually performed like it's supposed to and I crushed him handily. Round 3, I faced Justin Kessel, who turned out to be playing Jeskai Black. I lost game 1 because he kept all my creatures off the board while he made a Hangarback really big. He lost game 2 when he couldn't find a white source to fuel his removal. Game 3 went to time and I'm not actually sure who would have had it if we hadn't run out of time. We were both getting low on life. I still had some good stuff in hand, but he did have a Mantis Rider that was giving me trouble.

The games I played tonight gave me a new appreciation of how hideous Blossoming Sands is and also how good the tango lands are. I clearly should have Wooded Foothills in those two slots. I'm thinking about going down to 22 lands, but I will probably stay with 23. I want at least 1 more Avatar of the Resolute and maybe the 4th Managorger. I also need to find a way to fit Become Immense in somewhere, it's too good a card to not run. The board needs a lot of work.
Tags: gaming, magic
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